Maxim’s Manner

So, I was tutoring Ruhi 3 with one of the local Baha’is Sasha a few months ago and we decided that for part of our study circle we would observe the whole children’s class that my wife conducts and get a feel for the whole lesson structure.  So, as not to disturb the vibe in the room we sat in the living room looking on the children’s class in that is done at the kitchen table.

Even more interesting about this particular children’s class was that it was being conducted by the jr. youth because Sveta, my wife, was in Moscow at the National Spiritual Assembly meeting that weekend.  So as we watched Dasha, Maxim and Alex (my son), the jr. youth work with the children it was very different dynamic than with adults.

Anyway, there was one instance in particular that blew me away.  One of the boys in our children’s class is very ADD (I should know… so am I) and he’s always going off into another world and not including himself in the activities and it takes a lot more attention from the children’s class teacher to keep him involved and it is a very serious chore.  Anyway, Maxim, one of the jr. youth conducting this class, was sitting next to this boy.  When the boy’s attention went somewhere else Max look at him in the eye and said the boy’s name and what was supposed to be done at that time in the lesson.  This boy stopped, looked Max right back in the eye and focused back on the activity.  Amazing This repeated itself many times during the entire lesson, Max said, “Repeat the quote” – boom- eye contact and the boy repeated the quote fully.  Max said, “Sing with us” – boom- eye contact and the boy sang.  Max said, “Let’s repeat the prayer”  – boom- eye contact and the boy repeated the prayer.  So, something in Maxim’s manner, eye contact, voice worked a this boy on the children’s class was totally included in the lesson…

This confirmed for me and Sasha as we watched and discussed this situation that there are keys to every soul, we just have to be patient and find them.  This is one of the many things needed to be a teacher and to be in that constant position of learning!


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